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The Better World Endowment creates a continuously growing community of leading thinkers and doers who share our mission for positive environmental, economic and social change as well as our passion for collaborative impact.

Gold is everywhere in international cinema (Goldfinger, etc.), in our culture and on the most beautiful actresses on the sets and on the red carpets. Coming out of the earth and with the labor of men, it is often extracted in places and under conditions denounced by the OCDE and numerous international NGO’S.

Accordingly, the Better World Endowment Fund is pleased to honor at the Cannes Festival those in the Gold industry that promote “Responsible Mining”.

The Better World Endowment Fund will announce, spotlight and award at the 2021 Festival a country and a film that supports our fight for the betterment of and equity in the Gold Mining industry.

This year, our country of honor is the republic of Ghana. And we have also selected six key industry players, each with their own different perspective, to discuss their challenges and equally importantly to share with us their opportunities.

Cannes 2021

Event program

July 12th 2021

3.14 PLAGE

Press conference



« Ethical Gold supported by the United Nations Program Planet Gold, making a world of difference in small-scales gold mining, a GEF Initiative » 


lunch & networking


Red Carpet - VIP cocktail reception


Gala dinner

award ceremony

Tombola for the charity initiatives 


Fashion show


Representing Made for a Woman, A brand that was built on the scope of empoweringMalagasy women through the art of weaving luxury and ethical handicrafts.



Photo of the 3.12 PLAGE for the Better World Fund event in CannesPhoto of the 3.12 PLAGE for the Better World Fund event in Cannes

Supporting The Children of Lebanon

Logo René Moawad Foundation

Better World Endowment Fund support the children of Lebanon during The Cannes Film Festival on the july 12th, 2021. We will financially support a school program in Lebanon through the René Moawad Foundation

René Moawad Foundation Services

Based on the existing situation children and adolescents face huge protection concerns and risks. For this, the René Moawad Foundation (RMF) established in 2000 a center for Education and Protection Services for underserved cohorts of population. 

Photo of te René Moawad FoundationPhoto of te René Moawad Foundation
Photo of te René Moawad FoundationPhoto of te René Moawad Foundation