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21st & 22nd May 2023 at AT THE CARLTON CANNES HOTEL

Better World Fund during the Cannes Film Festival 2023

"Together, let's re-enchant the world"

Throughout these two days, we invite you to participate in a high-level program, led by inspiring and emblematic personalities, experts in their social, educational, cultural or environmental fields at the luxury and renovated the CARLTON Cannes Hotel.

Sunday May 21st
- 11 am : Press Conference
- 7.30 pm : Cocktail Reception & Red Carpet
- 8.30 pm: Better World Fund Gala Dinner
- 10 pm: Auction
- 11 pm : Sumptuous Showcasing & Entertainment
Monday May 22nd
Venice Film Festical La Mostra
- 9.30 am to 11.00 am : Conference:" Academia for a Better World", in partnership with The Paris-Saclay University.

The 2023 Academia for a Better World ABW Conference will stage in Cannes outstanding international speakers to present the best solutions worldwide addressing endemic inequalities that women and children are suffering from exacerbated by climate change and social divide, especially for coastal populations. 

The World Education Heritage WE-H program cofounded by UNESCO and Paris-Saclay University (ABW cofounder) which happens to be a key borderless platform to address all types of educational divide is at the heart of those solutions. 

Academia for Better World was created in December 2021 by “Université Paris-Saclay” and Better World Fund. It is a borderless philanthropic platform whose objective is to facilitate the deployment of the best global solutions in support of the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals. Academia for a Better World is launching on November 2nd,2022, an exceptional philanthropic campaign to support the first International Interdisciplinary Institute for Bio-energies Innovation, I4-BIO’N.

- 11.00 am to 01.00 pm : Mastermind: “The Evolution of Humanity, from I to we”

In our world, where our climate alerts us to our own behavior, where the rise of inflation, inequality and violence threaten our politics and our societies, living together is no longer an option.

It is a matter of reinventing ourselves, of leading us all towards a surge of Consciousness. An essential movement of consciousness, aiming to give women and men their rightful place in their society, to reconcile them, so we may live together on earth, in security and peace.

With the ever-increasing levels of violence, particularly against women and girls around the world, it is imperative to rethink our patriarchal societies to ensure the respect and protection of women and furthermore, of life itself. In this sense, education has a major role to play; educating children inegalitarian beliefs today will shape the adults they become tomorrow. How can we then change our behavior to take care of ourselves, others and our planet? Should we consider that the film industry reflects society or influences it? Do we accept to draw on our inestimable strengths to transform our pain into joy and our hatred into love? Do we accept to move from I to we?

- 1 pm : Brunch & Networking
- 2 pm to 4 pm : Masterclass: “Youth’s got the Power”

A conference debate led by young people, with young people, for young people... for our future.

Our speakers are all under 30 years old ; some are already in the workplace, others are high school or university students... What do they have in common? In their own way, they are all driven by the desire to positively influence the future of our society. This conference/debate presents a one-time chance to address a topic that concerns everyone: the role of young people in our society.

- 4 pm: Special Film Screening, Maria by Callas by Tom VOLF - With the voice of Fanny Ardant

Fundraising For...

This year, we chose to support the Akbaraly Foundation, an organization that promotes the right to health, education and a better quality of life for women and children in Madagascar and the Amazõnia Fund Alliance Program for the UNESCO Brazilian Federation (BFUCA), an organization which opts to to preserve the Amazonian ecosystems.

David Lynch Foundation

The Akbaraly Foundation develops sustainable and integrated projects to promote the right to health, education, and a better quality of life for women and children in Madagascar.

Founded in 2009 by Ylias and Cinzia Akbaraly, with the aim of supporting the most vulnerable population of their home country, the Foundation has since launched several groundbreaking pilot projects, paving the way for humanitarian actions in sub-Saharan Africa and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals included in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda.

David Lynch Foundation

The Amazõnia Fund Alliance Program is financing projects through many Brazilian non- profit organizations working with sustainability - driven pioneer scale ups and companies to support more than 300 tribes in Amazõnia.

Thanks to their partnership with ComTxae, which is the only company operating directly inside the Rainforest ensuring logistics and supplying the indigenous tribes, the Federation has a deep understanding of indigenous culture and philosophy, and provides the best support to preserve the Amazõnian ecosystems.