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Through art, we raise awareness and funds to promote humanitarian action and sustainable development worldwide

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An Amazing Program Awaits you at the Venice Film Festival

7th, 8th & 9th of September, 2023

Cinematic Art at the Service of Humanity.

Since 2016, through tangible actions, prestigious international events and inspiring cultural programs, we have brought together celebrities, filmmakers and leaders from all around the world, fueled by the desire to positively influence the future of our society.

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Who we are

Meaningful, Optimistic & Inspiring Program to Raise Consciousness.

Today, the cinema industry holds a statutory role as a vector of social, educational and environmental values. Awareness is an essential pillar of the art, as is the need to present better visibility to powerful and cause focused films, all driven by the desire to have a positive impact on the world. 

The Better World fund stands out with its unique disruptive format as it offers a rich program, full of meaning and hope, through :

• Conferences - masterclasses, “Academia for a Better World”, “Youth's got the Power” …
• Cocktails & Networking Lunches ; 
• Sumptuous gala dinners invigorated by showcases ;
• Awards in recognition of leaders, entrepreneurs & artists who instigated a positive impact …

what we do

Encouraging a Positive Impact Worldwide

Our missions >
photo of children in Lebanon

Support Humanitarian Causes

Through our prestigious gala dinner we support Humanitarian Causes like improving early childhood education in India or the children's of Lebanon

Conference for a Better World

We select the best personalities and innovative leaders to discuss, analyze and decide on specific actions, platforms and initiatives on an environmental or humanitarian topic

Connect World Leaders

We build bridges between innovative startup and world leader to boost innovation and collaboration between innovative people.

Through our cultural commitment and our support for high-impact projects, we will contribute to reducing inequalities, improving well-being and protecting our planet and our ecosystems, as this year, we support the The Akbaraly Foundation and the Amazonia Fund Alliance Program for the UNESCO Brazilian Federation (BFUCA).

Some of our latest achievements and positive impacts include:

  • In December 2021, during Expo 2020 in Dubai, we raised awareness for people with disabilities and promoted charity organizations that have been implicated, including the global philanthropic organization Dubai Cares.
  • In March 2022, within the framework of the Expo 2020 in Dubai and the United Nations Oceans Fortnight, we focused on the preservation of our oceans and the importance of the blue economy.
  • In May and September 2022, during the Cannes and Venice film festivals, we focused our actions on raising both funds and awareness for global inequalities related to food, health and sustainability.
  • In May 2023 in Cannes, during the Cannes Film Festival, we supported The Akbaraly Foundation and the Amazônia Fund Alliance Program for the UNESCO Brazilian Federation.
About us

Why Support the Better World Fund? ...

our mission is to promote peace


We are devoted to creating meaningful and hopeful programs that highlight the organizations committed to our planet as well as support them financially.

Our ambition is to include you in our community of changemakers, inspiring meetings that aim to raise awareness across the globe.

The Better World fund stands out with its unique disruptive format as it offers a rich program, full of meaning and hope, through:

  • To participate is to associate your name with a citizen's approach.
  • Associate your brand with a public interest cause.
  • Participate and respond together to the challenges of tomorrow.
  • Showing the general public your involvement in the concerns that engage us.
  • Allow your organization to express itself internationally.

Benefit of the scope of our international media plan, which reaches millions of people every year.

What Legacy are we leaving for our future generations?

We need you, as they do.

Our missions


We act for children
better world fund defend the rené Moawad foundation

At cannes film festival 2021

Better World Endowment Fund support the children of Lebanon during The Cannes Film Festival on the july 12th, 2021. We will financially support a school program in Lebanon through the René Moawad Foundation.

Based on the existing situation children and adolescents face huge protection concerns and risks. For this, the René Moawad Foundation (RMF) established in 2000 a center for Education and Protection Services for underserved cohorts of population. 

We act for handicap
better world fund in dubai for the international day of persons with disabilities

During the dubai expo 2020

For the International Day of Persons with disabilities we selected the best personalities and innovative leaders in the world fora two-hour presentation on innovation for disabilities

Under the patronage of the French Embassy, l’Institut Français in U.A.E, Dubai Cares and with the U.A.E Ministry of Culture and Youth as a strategic partner, we are pleased to collaborate and support the UN Sustainability Development Goals around disability.

We act for ocean
better world fund in dubai on the occasion of the Oceans fortnight

During the dubai expo 2020

On the occasion of the Oceans fortnight. We selected the best personalities and innovative leaders in the world for a two-hour presentation on innovation for ocean protection.

The Better World Fund is proud to be part of the France Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. We are pleased to collaborate to support the UN Sustainability Development Goals for protection of the Ocean.

Manuel Collas de La Roche, president & founder of the Better World Fund
Our president vision

Manuel Collas de La Roche

“In the age of technology, the multiplication of social networks and the apogee of the virtual, which makes us lose sight of the true meaning of life, it is essential to refocus on our values and to make them live through our actions.

Humanists must incarnate their values and inspire our actions to regain that balance and the harmony that is increasingly maltreated on this planet.

I created the Better World Forum because I am firmly convinced that humanity must be reborn on a new basis, to allow the enlightenment of every human being to flourish and to illuminate our world that so badly needs it.“

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