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Better World Fund
in Cannes To
Support The
of Lebanon

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Better World Fund Partners

They made it possible.
Partners supporting the better world fund during our event in Cannes

Country of Honor

Logo Ghana
Cannes 2021

Event program

July 12th 2021

3.14 PLAGE

Press conference



« Ethical Gold supported by the United Nations Program Planet Gold, making a world of difference in small-scales gold mining, a GEF Initiative » 


lunch & networking


Red Carpet - VIP cocktail reception


Gala dinner

award ceremony

Tombola for the charity initiatives 


Fashion show


Representing Made for a Woman, A brand that was built on the scope of empoweringMalagasy women through the art of weaving luxury and ethical handicrafts.



Photo of the 3.12 PLAGE for the Better World Fund event in CannesPhoto of the 3.12 PLAGE for the Better World Fund event in Cannes

Better World Fund is Supporting The Children of Lebanon

Logo René Moawad Foundation

Better World Endowment Fund support the children of Lebanon during The Cannes Film Festival on the july 12th, 2021. We will financially support a school program in Lebanon through the René Moawad Foundation

René Moawad Foundation Services

Based on the existing situation children and adolescents face huge protection concerns and risks. For this, the René Moawad Foundation (RMF) established in 2000 a center for Education and Protection Services for underserved cohorts of population. 

Photo of te René Moawad FoundationPhoto of te René Moawad Foundation
Photo of te René Moawad FoundationPhoto of te René Moawad Foundation

Better World Fund Awards Ceremony

Eileen Akbaraly holding his Union Life Awards during the Better World Fund event in Cannes
Eileen Akbaraly
Best Commitment
Barry Alexander Brown at Better World Fund event in Cannes
Barry Alexander Brown & spike lee
Best Achievement in "Cinema Collaborations", for "Creating a better World"
Dr. Okyere Darko-Mensah at Better World Fund event in Cannes
Dr. Okyere Darko-Mensah
Best Commitment
Nabil Ayouch holding his awards at Better World Fund event in Cannes
Nabil Ayouch
Best Achievement in Cinematography
Joëlle Aziz & Lamia Aamou at Better World Fund event in Cannes
Joëlle Aziz & Lamia Aamou for
Best Commitment
Dr. Sohan Roy at Better World Fund event in Cannes
Dr. Sohan Roy S.K
Best Commitment

Fashion Show

By Eileen Akbaraly & Pietro Paradiso
Representing "Made For a Woman"

Fashion and nature, ethics and esthetics, matter and color. This is themagic formula that allows Made For A Woman to create a new stylisticproject and to bring colorful, textured bags and accessories to the worldright from the beating heart of Madagascar. A sustainable project thathas been turned into a virtuous cycle by Eileen Akbaraly, the founder,who has long been committed to supporting the local communities byimproving their health, salaries and education. With the help of localwomen artisans, Eileen transforms raphia and pigments into soft, sometimesgeometric, but always unique shapes. An originality that hasturned into a mantra.

Made For A Woman works with local women artisans, most of whomhave had a tough life. The brand is committed to giving each of thesewomen a job, guaranteeing an equitable salary, but also an opportunityto grow and empower themselves thanks to free language classes, familyplanning, healthcare and a kindergarten for the employees’ children.A uniquely feminine care that’s also noticeable on the products’labels, created with a special Malagasy technique called “Papier Antaimoro”with dried pressed flowers. Each label features the portrait of theartisan who created the product and a QR code that allows you to “getto know” her better by watching a short video of her story.

Sixteen women work year-round in the Made For A Woman atelier,whereas during production season the number of temporary workersincreases up to 300 – they take care of specific products and tasks butenjoy the same benefits as the fixed workers.

Logo of "Made for a woman" by Eileen Akbaraly

Better World Fund Mastermind

Ethical Gold Program

From images to action, the BWF is joining forces with partnersto create a platform assembling filmmakers, writers, scientists,environmentalists and project leaders to explore and activatepalpable initiatives to preserve and protect the planet.The Better World Endowment Fund is composed of a team ofworld-class experts, influencers and activists from the business,academia, media and entertainment industries. This tribe ofhighly - influential people is continuously connected digitallyand meets periodically during high-level global events.We are selecting the best personnalities and innovativeleaders of the world that make the world a better place.This year in Cannes The mastermind’s main objective is topropose, analyze and decide on specific actions, platforms,initiatives for women’s rights and/or campaigns to collectivelysupport to foster climate adaptation, sustainable energies, blueeconomy globally.


The mastermind’s main objective is to propose, analyze anddecide on 3 or more specifications, platforms, initiatives and/orcampaigns to collectively support to foster climate adaptation,sustainable energies and blue economy globally.


The mastermind develops the following activities :
• Mastermind visionary speech
• Guest Speaker’s presentations
• Networking.

Liudmila Raymond during the mastermind for the Better World Event in CannesEileen Akbaraly during the mastermind "Ethical gold program" in CannesManuel Collas de la Roche during the Ethical Gold Program
Louis Maréchal during the Mastermind "Ethical Gold Program" in CannesLudovic Bernaudat speaking at the mastermind conference for the Better World Event in CannesMichel Moawad speaking at the Better World Fund event in Cannes
MikaaIris Maria Alexis Van der Veken speaking at the better world fund eventStéphane Brabant speaking at the mastermind during the better world fund event